We advise on various levels of sustainable strategies for space renovation, and new construction. Our work begins by assessing our client’s needs and objectives from a functional, aesthetic, and technical point of view for the renovation or construction project in question. Then, we audit the property to assess the legal and technical constraints, the environment, and the strengths and weaknesses.

Based on our experts’ analysis and the audit results, we deliver a preliminary proposal outlining the sustainable strategies and solutions that meet our clients’ requirements and expectations.


World of Satinka offers its clients a turnkey process for sustainable refurbishment or new construction, from a dedicated space to an entire building including:
– project design
– architecture and engineering project management
– licensing process management
– construction supervision
– environmental certifications as a guarantee of the quality of work, energy performance, water preservation, air quality, and finishes.


World of Satinka’s approach can be shared with the general public, construction professionals, and public institutions representatives through the organization of workshops, training sessions, or seminars.

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