Anchoring the Living
in the City

World of Satinka is an integrated and multidisciplinary company composed of experts in sustainable architecture, engineering, and construction. We provide a new vision of spaces that respects the living and balances sustainability, innovation, and health.

Our holistic approach enables us to offer comprehensive consulting and project development services to our clients and build unique, creative, comfortable, and elegant living spaces – inspiring a better life and a more sustainable world.

Mission & Values

Performance, ethics, innovation, collaboration, and heart are the values that guide us.
As a united and collaborative team working with great passion, firm ethical standards, and profound respect for the living, we are committed to delivering high-quality design and finishes.
We believe in constantly challenging the status quo by finding innovative and creative design solutions and materials that aim for greater energy efficiency, water preservation and health for the good of our customers and the planet.

The Founder

Sylvie Meyer

Over the past 20 years, Sylvie has built an interest in sustainable development issues, exploring the themes of impact investing, ecology and ethics. Her journey led her to move to Portugal in 2017, where she decided to expand her sustainable interior design business into architecture. After meeting with numerous experts in the field who share a common desire to contribute to a paradigm shift in the building industry, she created World of Satinka – inspiring a more sustainable world and a better life.

The Team

A leadership team with complementary expertise and experience, supported by highly competent staff.

Sylvie Meyer


With a diverse professional background, from over ten years of experience in finance in Paris working for private banks and a public financial institution, to international relations representing an NGO at the UN, Sylvie has approached the issue of sustainability from many angles. Passionate about art and design, she made a personal contribution to a more sustainable world in 2011 by founding and running Essentiel Home Design, a concept shop featuring elegant, handcrafted interior design products made from natural materials.

Patrícia Lourenço


An architect with 20 years of experience in sustainability and a guest Assistant Professor at the Instituto Superior Técnico, Patrícia Lourenço lives her passion for nature, always looking for ways to integrate and merge the natural and built environment in her architectural practice. Patrícia also dedicates her time to photography, another of her passions, which she uses as a medium to document life.

André Faria


An architect with 15 years of experience in sustainability and BIM methodologies, André Faria has extensive experience in low-energy buildings, passive house standards, and sustainable strategies. Outside of his professional projects, which have led him to work and live abroad, André's curiosity encompasses biophysical phenomena in nature, socio-anthropological evolution in humanity, and sensory culinary tasting.

Patrícia Botelho


A civil engineer with 27 years of experience in the project and construction areas, Patrícia Botelho specialized in energy and water efficiency of buildings. As a fervent follower of a healthy lifestyle by practising sport, loving nature and following a healthy diet, Patrícia tries to reproduce this way of thinking in her professional approach - looking for the correction of a building's weak points. Passionate about art, she loves music and painting - "because they transport me to other dimensions, fill my soul and thus make me feel healthy and alive".

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